Xsane ubuntu no devices available

Needs Expansion This article is incomplete, and needs to be expanded. More info NOTE: this page mostly refers to older versions of sane. Also see the sane page for the version of sane that ships with Ubuntu Here are some tips if you do get stuck. Contents How can I find out if my scanner works with Ubuntu?

xsane ubuntu no devices available

Using your scanner "No device available" - what to do? Simply plug it in and try!

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If it is a newer model USB scanner, it is likely that it will work immediately without any further driver or software installations. Hardware Support Component Scanners - check which scanners are supported in your specific Ubuntu release. Using your scanner Turn on your scanner and place a document or photo face down on the scanner.

Adjust some settings if required. Press Scan. Alternatively you can also press the "Scan" button on the scanner to open the scanning dialog. Once the scanning process is finished a thumbnail image is displayed. Save your file. If you want to create a multi-page file exchange the documents on the scanner and repeat the scanning process until all pages are scanned. Don't forget to Save when you are finished! There could be several reasons why you might get this message: This might be a permissions problem.

Try to run the scanning software as root. Your scanner is not supported in Ubuntu. Try to find the firmware file on the documentation provided with your scanner or search online. Tip : In my case I got the firmware file from the CD that came with the scanner.

For a Mustek UB Plus scanner you will need this file sbfw. Rename it to "PS1fw. Your scanner is parallel port and you are not a member of the scanner group. Install a scanner manually The SANE project does not always provide complete drivers for all scanners. These drivers can still be used, but not all features may work. The easiest way to do this is probably through Synaptic. Search Synaptic for "libsane-extras" or alternatively type the following command in the terminal: sudo apt-get install libsane-extras Now you need to edit.

To enable the right driver for your scanner look for the following lines: The following backends are not part of the SANE distribution but are provided by the libsane-extras Debian package Below are several commented lines.

Uncomment delete the the correct one for your scanner, e. Save changes to. Fire up Sane and scan away. Note: the way Linux' hotplugging stuff works, you may need to plug in the scanner after the computer has booted. ACL permissions for saned Because of a change is the way access permissions are now applied to devices, saned may still not be able to access the scanner when it is launched by inetd or xinetd. This can happen even though other regular users on the server have access.Hi, I used XSANE for scanning for a couple of months, but couple of days ago, it started to tell me that no devices are available.

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I have HP Photosmart C I added my user to scanner group. I ran sane-find-scanner under my user, gave back no scanners.

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I ran sane-find-scanner under root, gave back this:. I reinstalled xsane, I tried deleting xsane from. Nothing worked. I had some problems with my external harddrives connected via USB 2 because of HAL update policikit conf editing solved this. Couldn't the HAL cause this problem 2?

Any sugestions? Sounds weird, but try adding yourself to the "lp" group. This will be detected as a printer instead of a scanner.

Adding myself to lp group made my user to see the scanner through the sane-find-scanner, but scanimage -L and starting xsane gives back the same results as before Maybe you can get it to work in a VM in windows?

Anyway its strange that it just stopped working I just had the same problem and "lp" group fixed it. Didn't have that problem before. Seems it has something to do with a recent hplip update. Also, neither that sane-project page nor the hplip page list my psc as supported and I've been using it with these libraries for a long time now O.

Just fiddle with it till it works again. Hi guys,I returned from holiday, and while in relaxed and good mood I thought I would give my scanner a try, nad guess what: I just scanned a page with no problems. I got no idea why it didnt work before and now works, 'cause on the sane-project pages my printer is still "unsupported".

Thx for your advice. I had the same problem with my epson su, I could only scan as root with xsane not as normal user!!?. I did found a solution. But it needs "" to work with xsane as normal user? Be sure to make your xxx. I'm having the same problem with my HP Deskjet F, except scanimage -L detects it and scanimage works as root. Or at least the scanning function. No ink But I'm having the same problem with arch and I don't know how ubuntu gets that to work so I can do the same in arch.

Same issue today. Epson Stylus TX, was working sweetly in Xsane, now nothing. Tried a pacman -Syu too Probably related to you recently upgrading CUPSAsk Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers. It only takes a minute to sign up. I downloaded the official drivers from the manufacturer-page and installed it.

During the installation there is the first inconsistency i noticed that the setup - the script says that SANE is not installed but it is.

No USB scanners found So i tried using the same scanner on my notebook with Ubuntu Hi I had the problem that the XSane scanner did not show the pre-scan immage. Was all messed up. After deleting and re-install it refuses.

Some library clash with N-Vidia driver. However simple scan keeps on working after the move to This solution was provided to me by kodak support. Tested by me with Ubuntu Ubuntu Community Ask! Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. SANE on Ubuntu Asked 2 years, 5 months ago. Active 1 year, 4 months ago. Viewed 2k times.

Has anything changed at the sane driver? I would be very thankful for help, regards. Improve this question. Hunte Hunte 11 2 2 bronze badges. According to the scanners driver page, the driver was tested on Ubuntu Until they come out with an updated driver, I don't think there is much you can do unless you revert back to Ubuntu It only takes a minute to sign up.

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I use Ubuntu Linux My all-in-one scanner and printer worked well with xsane 0. This resulted in a number of inconveniences for example, one other post on AskUbuntu.

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Concerning the scanner, after upgrading the driver and attempting to scan a document, I was then presented with a dialogue that asked me to choose between two options. This request seemed unusual to me since I can't recall to have faced it in previous hplip upgrades. I inadvertently chose for what appeared to me the most appropriate selection, but this proved me wrong.

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Unfortunately I cannot recall much more details about this incident. My perceptions about the points raised there are: 1. It may well be now, but wasn't certainly so earlier. Not applicable, the device is nice and ready. It never has been the case earlier as I always worked through the GUI. Unclear 5.

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Unclear 6. I haven't installed any more version of SANE. Whatever the reason is, could someone please guide me through the process of finding the cause for trouble and fixing it. My objective would be to restore the functionalities prior to this upgrade. Thanks in advance. Added This issue seems to be also linked to greater problems with hplip that I have raised in this other post hplip 3. This link is to a possibly "the" solution for brother multi-function printer's scanner access issues.

Perhaps there is a similar thing to do for HP multi-function printers.

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I did a fresh install of Ubuntu I remember somewhere and for what I can't remember that there are some lib64 files that needed to be copied to lib and lib32 directories. This possibly might be the answer that we're looking for. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Asked 4 years, 10 months ago. Active 3 years, 4 months ago.

Viewed 1k times. Ever since, as I try to start the scanner GUI, I am presented with the following error dialogue: My perceptions about the points raised there are: 1. I haven't installed any more version of SANE Whatever the reason is, could someone please guide me through the process of finding the cause for trouble and fixing it.

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New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Can not get Canon Pixma TS to scan. Thread starter fixit7 Start date Mar 11, Credits Most hardware I have added has been hassle free with Ubuntu. Not so with printers. It prints fine, but it will not scan.

Xsane says "No devices available. It may or may not be supported by SANE. Try scanimage -L and read the backend's manpage. Not checking for parallel port scanners. Most Scanners connected to the parallel port or other proprietary ports can't be detected by this program.

Gold Supporter. Credits 2, Have you got the driver from Canon? Yes I got the correct driver from there.It allows previewing and scanning individual images and can be invoked either directly from the command-line or through The GIMP image manipulation program. The list of available devices depends on installed hardware and configuration. When invoked without an explicit devicename argument, xsane presents a dialog listing all known and available devices.

To access an available device that is not known to the system, the devicename must be specified explicitly. If xsane is compiled with gimp support then simply set a symbolic link from the xsane-binary to one of the gimp 1 plug-ins directories.

For example, for gimp After creating this symlink, xsane will be queried by gimp 1 the next time it's invoked. Thus, when the list of available devices changes e.

To do this, you can either touch 1 the xsane binary e.

xsane ubuntu no devices available

Either way, invoking gimp 1 afterwards will cause the pluginrc to be rebuilt. When xsane is started from the gimp then it is not possible to add a devicename explicitly. You have to make the devices known to the system by configuring sane-dll, sane-net and saned. The --device-settings or -d flag reads the next option as default filename for device settings.

The extension ". The --viewer or -V flag forces xsane to start in viewer mode. The --save or -s flag forces xsane to start in save mode. The --copy or -c flag forces xsane to start in copy mode.

The --fax or -f flag forces xsane to start in fax mode. The --mail or -m flag forces xsane to start in mail mode. The --no-mode-selection or -n flag disables the menu for xsane mode selection viewer, save, copy, fax, mail. If the --Fixed or -F flag is given then xsane uses a fixed, non resizable main window. The flag overwrites the preferences value. If the --Resizable or -R flag is given then xsane uses a scrolled and resizable main window. If --print-filenames or -p flag is given then xsane prints the names of created files to the standard output.

When the flag --force-filename or -N is given then xsane reads the next option as default image filename. The name should be of the format "name Beware that the number of digits must correspond to the configuration of xsane.

The selection box for filenames is disabled.

This option normally should be used with the option --no-mode-selection and --save. The --display flag selects the X11 display used to present the graphical user-interface see X 1 for details. The --sync flag requests a synchronous connection with the X11 server.

This is for debugging purposes only. Normally, this file should not be manipulated directly. Instead, the user should customize the program through the "Preferences" menu. It is a GTK style file and provides fine control over the visual aspects of the user-interface. If present, it takes precedence over the system wide style file. Rauch rauch-domain.Kurzweil predicted that, in 2005, supercomputers with the computational capacities to simulate protein folding will be introduced.

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xsane ubuntu no devices available

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