Bitmapfactory options insamplesize example

If set, decode methods that take the Options object will attempt to reuse this bitmap when loading content. If the decode operation cannot use this bitmap, the decode method will return null and will throw an IllegalArgumentException.

The current implementation necessitates that the reused bitmap be mutable, and the resulting reused bitmap will continue to remain mutable even when decoding a resource which would normally result in an immutable bitmap.

You should still always use the returned Bitmap of the decode method and not assume that reusing the bitmap worked, due to the constraints outlined above and failure situations that can occur.

Checking whether the return value matches the value of the inBitmap set in the Options structure will indicate if the bitmap was reused, but in all cases you should use the Bitmap returned by the decoding function to ensure that you are using the bitmap that was used as the decode destination.

As of KITKATany mutable bitmap can be reused by BitmapFactory to decode any other bitmaps as long as the resulting byte count of the decoded bitmap is less than or equal to the allocated byte count of the reused bitmap. Prior to KITKAT additional constraints apply: The image being decoded whether as a resource or as a stream must be in jpeg or png format. Only equal sized bitmaps are supported, with inSampleSize set to 1.

Additionally, the configuration of the reused bitmap will override the setting of inPreferredConfigif set. BitmapRegionDecoder will draw its requested content into the Bitmap provided, clipping if the output content size post scaling is larger than the provided Bitmap. The provided Bitmap's width, height, and Bitmap. Config will not be changed. The pixel density to use for the bitmap.

This will always result in the returned bitmap having a density set for it see Bitmap. If this is 0, decodeResource Resources, intdecodeResource Resources, int, android. Options will fill in the density associated with the resource. The other functions will leave it as-is and no density will be applied.

bitmapfactory options insamplesize example

This field works in conjuction with inPurgeable. If inPurgeable is false, then this field is ignored. If inPurgeable is true, then this field determines whether the bitmap can share a reference to the input data inputstream, array, etc. If set to true, the decoder will return null no bitmapbut the out If set, decode methods will always return a mutable Bitmap instead of an immutable one.

This can be used for instance to programmatically apply effects to a Bitmap loaded through BitmapFactory. If inPreferQualityOverSpeed is set to true, the decoder will try to decode the reconstructed image to a higher quality even at the expense of the decoding speed.

If this is non-null, the decoder will try to decode into this internal configuration. If it is null, or the request cannot be met, the decoder will try to pick the best matching config based on the system's screen depth, and characteristics of the original image such as if it has per-pixel alpha requiring a config that also does.

If true which is the defaultthe resulting bitmap will have its color channels pre-multipled by the alpha channel. This should NOT be set to false for images to be directly drawn by the view system or through a Canvas. The view system and Canvas assume all drawn images are pre-multiplied to simplify draw-time blending, and will throw a RuntimeException when un-premultiplied are drawn. This is likely only useful if you want to manipulate raw encoded image data, e.

If this is set to true, then the resulting bitmap will allocate its pixels such that they can be purged if the system needs to reclaim memory. In that instance, when the pixels need to be accessed again e.

For the re-decode to happen, the bitmap must have access to the encoded data, either by sharing a reference to the input or by making a copy of it. This distinction is controlled by inInputShareable. If this is true, then the bitmap may keep a shallow reference to the input. If this is false, then the bitmap will explicitly make a copy of the input data, and keep that.

Even if sharing is allowed, the implementation may still decide to make a deep copy of the input data.Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

An initial code was official doc: Loading Large Bitmaps Efficiently. I've started poking around and found that images don't resize as described in a documentation :. The sample size is the number of pixels in either dimension that correspond to a single pixel in the decoded bitmap. Note: the decoder uses a final value based on powers of 2, any other value will be rounded down to the nearest power of 2. I am sure that there is a vision behind why BitmapFactory has a decodeResource method.

I have not yet quite figured out what that vision is. Regardless, using decodeResource does not eliminate the density conversion of any density-specific resources that you have. And, frankly, I haven't spent the time to try to figure out exactly how those combine. But, that's just me. In general? There is the documentation and the other documentation. Specifically with respect to BitmapFactory? I am not aware of anything written about that. Learn more.

How is Bitmap. Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 2 months ago. Active 3 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 6k times. When I've run a code: BitmapFactory. Options ; options. If you look at byte count numbers, you may notice, that.Toggle navigation Hot Examples.

C CSharp Android. Graphics BitmapFactory. Options Examples. Options - 30 examples found. These are the top rated real world C CSharp examples of Android.

C# (CSharp) Android.Graphics BitmapFactory.Options Examples

Options extracted from open source projects. You can rate examples to help us improve the quality of examples. Programming Language: C CSharp. Related in langs. Livre PHP. Param Go. RepaintManager Java. ContextMapperFactory Java. SimpleCache Python. Example 1. Show file. File: BitmapExtensions. Example 2.

File: BitmapHelpersAndroid. Options ; options. DecodeStream url. Debug "DecodeBitmapFromFile: ", ex. Example 3. File: CustomImageRenderer. GetField largeImage. Split '. DecodeResource Context. Height; options. Resources, value, options ; Control.

Example 4.

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File: SimulationView. GetDefaultSensor SensorType. DecodeResource Resources, Resource. Options ; opts.

bitmapfactory options insamplesize example

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bitmapfactory options insamplesize example

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