Audi e tron gt concept

More than two years after the launch of the study model, the E-tron GT is already on the market. The electric newcomer will make its public debut on 9 February and will be at the Dutch dealers not much later. Audi reports that the E-tron GT can still be found at the local Audi dealer this spring. Those who are in the market for an E-tron GT can already express their interest via a website set up for this purpose.


You can order from February, although a starting price or an indication price is not yet known. The E-tron GT, whose design elements, according to Audi, form the basis for all future EVs of the brand, is an electric model in the style of the A7 Sportback. The E-tron GT Concept was 4. In any case, the E-tron GT comes as a fierce RS E-tron GT, a version that thanks to four electric motors is hp strong and thanks to overboost can temporarily reach a peak of hp and Nm.

The RS version should be able to squeeze about kilometers of range from its 84 kWh battery pack. There is also good news for those who do not have to be so extreme. Milder variants of the E-tron GT will also be available. Related Articles. Drunk drivers receive a key fob with the name of an accident child 3 hours ago. The Ford Mustang will go fully electric in 4 hours ago. Five Renaults 5 from the used car range 4 hours ago. In these Dutch cities, your BMW will automatically drive electrically 6 hours ago.

Name killed child as key ring for drunk 6 hours ago.The Audi e-tron GT concept traces an arc into the future. As a four-door coupe, it features the proportions of a classic gran turismo cast in a progressive Audi design. Ensuring the driving performance of a sports car is the drive of the future: fully electric — including the quintessential quattro all-wheel drive.

Concept vehicle shown. Not available for sale. Specifications may change. Our vision for electric mobility. The e-tron GT concept shows one way in which Audi design language could develop in the future: drawn far back, the coupe-like roof line borrows from the hallmark Sportback design, now combined with the strongly pulled in cabin. New, yet familiar — the evolutionary design. The front section is adorned by a hallmark Singleframe, this time with a distinctly more horizontal, multipiece architecture and discrete 3D grille design.

The striking, illuminated e-tron logo, which can also be found on the rear, immediately makes it clear that this is a part of the next generation of all-electric models from Audi. Laser-sharp view ahead.

The new visual signature of the matrix-design LED headlights with Audi laser light and tapered elements reinforces the dynamic presence of the Audi e-tron GT concept, even when stationary.

In typical Audi fashion, the driver is welcomed by characteristic light sequencing.

audi e tron gt concept

Modern radiance — from every angle. Adorning the entire width of the rear is a continuous light strip, featuring tapered elements at both ends that recall the design of the front headlights.

The same goes for the illuminated e-tron logo, which on the Audi e-tron GT concept is located below this strip. Shaped in the wind tunnel to cut through the air. Every exterior component of the e-tron GT concept has been crafted to optimize aerodynamics. The wheels with five twin spokes allows for optimum ventilation of the brake discs while reducing air resistance. Its multi-material lightweight design incorporates aluminum and steel as well as a carbon fiber roof.

A gripping performance. The Audi e-tron GT concept is equipped with a powerful electric drive with quattro: two permanent magnet synchronous motors, one on each axle, deliver torque to all four wheels as needed. Sign up to stay informed. Stay in the loop about the upcoming launch of the Audi e-tron GT. Laser-sharp view ahead The new visual signature of the matrix-design LED headlights with Audi laser light and tapered elements reinforces the dynamic presence of the Audi e-tron GT concept, even when stationary.

A gripping performance The Audi e-tron GT concept is equipped with a powerful electric drive with quattro: two permanent magnet synchronous motors, one on each axle, deliver torque to all four wheels as needed.

Terms of service Privacy statement Do not sell my personal information Cookie settings Interest based ads Recalls.While Audi began its electrification path with with the e-tron SUVthere are those that covet the joy of being near the asphalt in a beautiful vehicle that also happens to be quick and powered by electricity.

The all-wheel-drive, dual-motor RS e-tron GT will produce horsepower and ft-lbs of torque, pushing it from zero to 60 mph in about 3. This will be the first electric RS model but won't be the last. The dual-motor horsepower split will be hp for the rear motor and hp for the front motor.

By contrast, the regular e-tron GT is anticipated to produce horsepower. The GT will ride on an air suspension with adaptive dampers, which allows for ride-height adjustment based on drive modes. For example, in efficiency mode, the vehicle drops an additional 0. The weight and location of the battery pack give the RS e-tron GT a lower center of gravity than the Audi R8, according to the automaker. The Taycan and e-tron GT share the same platform and Audi and Porsche developed the vehicles together.

Where the vehicles differ is in motor, chassis, steering, and suspension tuning. One thing both vehicles share is quick charging and the ability to pre-condition the battery ahead of reaching a charging point along a route.

Also like the Taycan, the rear motor has a two-speed gearbox. Audi will offer, and inch wheels. The company says the inch wheels are the most aerodynamic.

A four-wheel steering system is available, which can turn the rear wheels up to three degrees.

audi e tron gt concept

It can either turn the rear wheels in the opposite direction as the fronts at low speeds or in the same direction for lane changes at higher speeds. Stopping power is available in three flavors: traditional steel disc brakes, carbon-fiber ceramic discs, or surface-coated steel discs. As with most EVs, the braking will be handled by both the friction brakes and the regenerative braking system.

Audi says the RS e-tron GT will arrive in showrooms in the United States in the summer of and will go on sale later in the same year.

While the automaker is covering the vehicle in camouflage for now, its final production design is close to the concept car it unveiled at the LA auto show in In other words, it's a looker. It has been updated to show the correct figure of horsepower. New Cars. Buyer's Guide. Type keyword s to search.

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Today's Top Stories. Every Electric Pickup Truck on the Horizon. View Photos. It makes hp and lb-ft of torque. The battery-powered sports sedan will do zero to 60 in about 3.

We Drive the e-tron GT. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.This time with a flat-floor architecture that provides for exciting proportions and a low center of gravity. The torque is transferred to the wheels via the quattro permanent all-wheel drive with torque vectoring, as you would expect for such a dynamic Audi. Flat, wide and with a long wheelbase — those are the proportions of a classic Gran Turismo.

The technology for this automobile was developed in close collaboration with Porsche. Design and character are packed full of unmistakable Audi DNA. The gently sloping roofline of the e-tron GT concept that extends well into the rear echoes the Sportback layout that is the hallmark of the brand.

The cabin that tapers strongly toward the rear stands out compared with current Audi models. The hallmark Audi Singleframe is located in the center of the front section. The top half comes with a cover painted in body color. Its surface structure is reminiscent of the typical honeycomb pattern of the grille on the Audi RS models — a visual signal which characterizes the Audi e-tron GT concept as a future product of Audi Sport GmbH. The arrow-shaped front section also emphasizes the matrix LED headlights with laser high beam, underscoring the dynamic presence of the Audi e-tron GT concept even while stationary.

Separate electric motors are fitted to the front and rear axles. In both cases these are permanently excited synchronous motors. They put down the torque onto the road via all four driven wheels — naturally the new Audi e-tron GT concept is also a genuine quattro. An electric quattro to be precise, since there is no mechanical link between the front and rear axle.

The electronic control system coordinates the drive between the axles as well as between left and right wheels. That means optimum traction and just the desired amount of slip. While elsewhere the drive is switched to overdrive for thermal considerations, the Audi e-tron GT concept can provide the driver with the full potential of both motors and the battery thanks to its sophisticated cooling strategy.

The range of the concept car will be over kilometers The required drive energy comes from a lithium-ion battery with an energy content of more than 90 kWh, which takes up the entire underfloor area between the front and rear axle with its flat design. All-wheel steering translates this into a perfect synthesis of sports car-like agility and precision, augmented by superb directional stability.

Four doors, four seats with 2. Both the screen of the central instrument and the touchscreen above the center console come with a black-panel look finish. They underscore the large, calm design of the interior with its predominantly horizontal basic architecture.

With the concept car the designers have deliberately gone for the consistent use of sustainable materials — a clear statement of contemporary automotive design. Electric mobility is changing the automobile design of the future.

Marc Lichte, head of Audi Design, talks about the key features of the exterior design on the Audi e-tron. New concept cars with mobility and technical concepts or design visions for the world of tomorrow. What will future electric cars look like?The upcoming Audi e-tron GT is a bold-looking electric car with deep ties to the Porsche Taycan. In fact, the two slinky four-door sedans were developed alongside each other and share a cutting-edge volt architecture that allows faster charging and ensures performance stays consistent.

The Audi stands out from the Porsche with its more chiseled bodywork and busier front end. Still, we haven't seen the production version of the GT, so we expect some of its eccentricities to be dialed back. We do know that it'll have an electric motor on each axle that together create all-wheel drive and produce a combined horsepower.

While there's still a lot to learn about the e-tron GT, here's what we know so far. While the e-tron GT currently only exists in concept form, we've seen spy photos of it testing in the Arctic Circle, and Audi is expected to unveil the final version before it goes into production at the end of this year and reaches showrooms sometime in early Audi hasn't said how much the e-tron GT will cost or what features and trim levels will be offered.

It's also a good bet that the Audi will eventually spawn higher-performance models with more powerful electric motors and sportier attributes.

e-tron GT concept

The e-tron GT looks unique and stands out on the street, as we discovered during our brief first drive behind the wheel. Unfortunately, we weren't given the opportunity to test its performance. This includes two separate electric motors that produce a combined horsepower and provide all-wheel drive. In typical Audi fashion, the Quattro system can distribute power to individual wheels for sharper handling and improved traction.

The company claims the e-tron GT will be able to hit 60 mph in about 3. A complex cooling method means its battery pack can handle repeated runs without compromising acceleration. The e-tron GT has an estimated driving range of miles, but that's based on the more optimistic European test cycle.

audi e tron gt concept

Still, its volt charging system is expected to be able to replenish 80 percent of the battery in about 20 minutes, and it also features technology for wireless charging. Once that information is released, and we have a chance to test one on our mile highway route, we can evaluate how efficient the electrified sedan is in the real world. Inside, the e-tron GT mixes fanciful and functional elements. The cabin includes fabrics made entirely from recycled materials and incorporates multiple digital displays on its angular dashboard.

There should be no shortage of standard and optional luxury features. We expect the available equipment to include ambient interior lighting, four-zone climate control, a head-up display, heated and cooled front seats with massage functions, wireless charging, and more.

With similar dimensions to the Taycan, including its Luggage can be stored in either the front trunk that boasts 4 cubic feet of volume or in the 16 cubes of space behind the rear seats, with the latter offering added practicality thanks to the vehicle's hatchback opening. We expect the e-tron GT to support an touchscreen-heavy infotainment system similar to what is found on other Audi models such as the A7 sedan and e-tron SUV.

Those setups feature a This term originally stood for sports cars that were suited for long-distance races," Lichte said. Low air resistance was a major goal when sculpting the E-Tron GT because it translates to an improved range, according to Lichte. He says the smooth shape of the upcoming sedan is part of a new design language for Audi and is the starting point for the brand's future EVs.

The packaging of the electric powertrain allows for a spacious interior with volume on par with a physically larger ICE vehicle.

Audi E-tron GT at the dealers this spring

Lichte describes the cabin as "sculptural" with a driver-focused layout. For sustainability, the interior uses lots of recycled materials, and Audi is not offering leather upholstery.

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Testing of a near-production version shows that it can hit 60 miles per hour 96 kilometers per hour in 2. Following the February 7 debut, look for the E-Tron to go on sale in the US in the second half of the year.

European customers should get it even sooner. Source: Audi. Home Audi News Green. Jan 21, 4h ago.

audi e tron gt concept

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Audi RS e-tron GT Arrives Next Year with 637 Horsepower

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